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Journal of Biomolecules and Biochemistry

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Benefits from on-site measurements for the purpose of evaluating solar potential

Author(s): Damjan Postolovski

The market of photovoltaics is growing by 40% annually, which is mainly attributed to the significant technological advancements in the past decade that improved solar module efficiency and brought their price down. But yet, solar is considered a risky investment, due to the high upfront capital needed. Just like for any other investment, one of the questions that a prospective investor needs to haveanswer for, is “In how many years will I make a return on my investment?”. The answer to that question varies greatly from 5 to more than 20 years and depends on many factors. Some of them include: business model of the project, incentives and support schemes for faster adoption of renewable energy sources, LCOE (levelized cost of electricity) and etc. Every location has specific energy potential which is dependent on the climate, geographical position of the location, topology, nearby buildings or objects that may shade the modules, sunlight duration and others. To make the most out of the available solar energy, many parameters need to be optimized. The angle and azimuth of the modules are important to capture the available sunlight: fixed, seasonaly adjusted and fully dynamic sunlight tracking solutions are available and every scenario needs to be considered. Optimizing the peak power output of the modules, their technical specifications such as efficiency, type of solar cells (poly-crystalline, mono-crystalline and etc.), specifications and selection of other system components such as inverters is not an easy task.


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