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Current Research: Integrative Medicine

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Binaural beats: Brain wave induction and the use of binaural beats to induce brain wave patterns

Author(s): Leonardo Garcia Góes*

INTRODUCTION: The brain works with electrochemical shots, generating the brain waves that represent the activity of the cortex. The basic frequencies of brain functioning: gamma (30-70 Hz), beta (13-30 Hz), alpha (8-13 Hz), theta (4-8 Hz) and delta (1-4 Hz). With reference to the mental characteristics associated with each brain wave pattern, it is possible to improve the “quality” of these waves so that it is possible to condition cortical activity by inducing a specific wave pattern. One way to do this is through the binaural sounds that can be used to harmonize or synchronize both hemispheres of the brain in a single synergistic pattern of waves. METHODOLOGY: Integrative review, made from the reading of articles found in the databases with the descriptors: binaural beats, cerebral wave, and brain synchronization. RESULTS AND DISCUSSION: Binaural pulses are apparent sounds whose perception arises in the brain independently of the physical stimulus. They are sounds with different frequencies that arrive separately and simultaneously through each ear, creating variations in the brain, since it receives a stimulus and the predominant frequency will be changed until the frequency of the stimulus. By choosing specific patterns of binaural rhythm one can modify experiences and feelings and reproduce the natural cycles of the brain. The technique can be applied to induce favorable mental states to extend treatments of various disorders that affect humans safely and non-invasively, and can be used to combat depression and anxiety. CONCLUSION: This technique allows its use in learning and rehabilitation in people with cognitive impairment.

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