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Journal of Materials Engineering and Applications

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Challenges & Way Forward in the Bio-Energy Sector : An Indian Perspective

Author(s): Colonel Rohit Dev

 The presentation-cum-interactive session will cover the broad aspects of Bio-Energy Sector, current scope of this Sunrise Sector and how it is emerging in India and the key effects that are envisaged. The Sustainable Development Goals and their relevance and implementation in Indian Scenario will be addressed. The presentation will dwell on the hurdles and also some systemic lacunae which have a bearing on promotion of this Sector and that inhibit entrepreneurship, partnerships, sustainability, scaling and integrated model of associated businesses. Analysis of various cogs-in-the-wheel of the Biomass Supply Chain will be presented with alternatives for improving the same through a ‘Systems Approach’. Facets that can be refined including long-term vision, fragmentation of the resources and their management, policy making, scheme formulation, financial schemes, collaboration models, Village Level Entrepreneurship, partnership ethos & FDI impact, logistic chain and processes etc will be elucidated. Business Model of PRESPL and how it can shape the Bio-Energy Sector in India will be explained in detail and it’s current and emerging benefits will be brought out. Economic Cost Build Up of processes will be taken into account with an insight into variables associated with Supply Chain Management as experienced on ground during operations. Scenarios for Supply Chain Models and how various industries can benefit mutually will be evolved and major recommendations will be summarised towards the end and while doing so, inputs of a ‘Way Ahead’ will be shared as food for thought with the audience. An interaction time will be allocated for more thought sharing. Biography: Colonel Rohit Dev (Retd) is a young dynamic leader who moved from the Armed Forces, after an illustrious career, in November 2018 and joined PRESPL as their Chief Operating Officer in December 2018. In his military career of 24 years, he has been at the top of his profession, held all prestigious appointments and has had a detailed insight in the operation logistics and supply chain management of a strategic field organisation in the Northern Command. As a Second-generation military officer, he has accomplished much and his desire to learn new and make forays into the unknown, emanate from his Out-ofthe-Box thinking and high intuitive capabilities. Today, he represents PRESPL in all forums and is contributing effectively towards this field of Bio-Energy Sector in India. He has been an Invited Speaker and ben on Leadership Panel Discussion on topics related to Biomass Supply Chain Management and Bio-Energy Sector in India & in Global Summits. He is a prolific writer & also an orator & avid Television personality on Indian Media, as a Geo-Strategic Analyst & Security Expert.

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