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Journal of Kidney Treatment and Diagnosis

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Chronic kidney disease and advanced roles for the biomedical scientist:time to step up, time to collaborate.

Author(s): Shahid Nazir Muhammad*

Biomedical scientists receive requests from renal teams almost knowingly full well that a patient may have complications during/post initial Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD) screening so there needs to be a step/process whereby scientists are empowered to inform/ ask the requestor ‘what have you tried already’ (in some practices this does take place, but not all). Scientists should further link clinical and scientific basis to identify whether CKD screening processes have been fulfilled or not. Some patients would be more at risk of further renal insufficiency otherwise. This is important bearing in mind there are now more restraints in ‘everyday’ practice. Having a good knowledge base is also important with regards to good leadership, and embracing shared-decision processes more widely. This article seeks to provide a general awareness of how the Biomedical scientist’s role should be enhanced and more integrated in Primary Care to support CKD screening and the advancement of Biomedical Sciences. This article will highlight what advances should be made to provide smarter services through collaborative working and put into perspective why scientists should deliver more services, such as CKD screening to the general population.

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