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Clinical Cardiology Journal

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Current surgical approach for left ventricular restoration

Author(s): Fazliddin Sobirov*, Abrol Mansurov, Ulugbek Akhmedov, Saidorifkhon Murtazaev, Shuhrat Egamberdiev, Khusan Khalikulov and Denis Chernov

Coronary artery disease is not a simple coronary lesion that causes angina, but also combined heart problem that leads to severe ischemic complications as dilated heart failure, valve insufficiencies, heart rhythm disturbances, thrombus formation to secondary ischemic/embolic complications. In order to manage it, several worldwide surgical treatment months, wound assessment, measurement of limb oxygenation, ankle brachial pressures as well as McGill pain questionnaire will be carried out. Blood will also be collected at baseline and at the end of every month of the treatment period (for a total of 5 collections) for the measurement of different biomarkers were divided in two groups: Those with ST elevation myocardial infarction (STEMI) (Group 1, 54 patients), and those with non-ST elevation. We present here our single center and initial experience on surgical approach for left ventricular restorations and, we found it in conclusion that the outcome of these procedures was quite sufficient.

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