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International Journal of Anatomical Variations

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Editorial note on morphometric study of the hypoglossal canal

Author(s): Jervas Ukoha

Context: The knowledge of hypoglossal canal (HC) and its normal variants is important for neurological procedures around the craniovertebral junction. The aim of this study was to characterize the morphometric parameters of the HC in our environment. Materials and methods: One hundred and twenty four HCs were studied. The following variables were studied: presence of septation, position of the HC in relation to the occipital condyle (OC), length of HC (LHC), diameter of the intracranial orifice of the HC (DI), diameter of the extracranial orifice of HC (DE), distances from intracranial end of HC to the anterior end (OC-iHC1), inferior end (OC-iHC2) and posterior end (OC-iHC3) of OC. Results: Absence of septation was more (85.3%) than presence of it (14.7%). HC was related to the anterior, middle and posterior third of the OC in 78.7%, 17.2% and 4.1% of the cases respectively. Mean (mm) values of variable include: LHC (11.40±1.62), DI (7.04±1.33), DE (6.55±1.85), OC-iHC1 (10.78±1.95), OC-iHC2 (11.16±2.21) and OC-iHC3 (10.84±2.55). Conclusion: Majority of the HCs are located in close relation with the anterior third of the OC, and have absence of septation.


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