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Journal of Nursing Research and Practice

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Effect of SBAR Training Program on Baccalaureate Nursing Students Self-Confidence in Shift Reporting

Author(s): Aisha El Sayed-El Araby Abdelwahid, Nora Mahdy Attia

Patients can receive complete care through accurate and concise transfer of patient's clinical information from one nurse to another during different shifts. Effective communication plays an important role in providing safe patient care and decreasing medical mistakes. The aim of this study was to assess the effect of SBAR communication training program on baccalaureate nursing students' self- confidence in shift reporting. This study was conducted at Nursing Faculty, Zagazig University, Egypt. For this research, a quasi-experimental design was used with a simple random sample of 81 students from the above mentioned setting. Data was collected using two tools; SBAR Knowledge Acquisition Quiz (SBRAKAQ) and Self-Reported Anxiety and Confidence Scales (SRACS). Results showed that there was highly statistically improvement in nursing students' SBAR communication mean score, self-reported confidence and self-reported level of preparedness during shift reporting after training program implementation where P- value < 0.01. Moreover, the mean score of nursing students' self- reported anxiety during shift reporting decreased after training program implementation (p-value< 0.01). Conclusion: SBAR communication was significantly correlated with improving nursing students' self-confidence in shift reporting. Recommendation: healthcare facilities and educational institutions should adopt the use of the SBAR and provide continuous instructions for the SBAR tool throughout the curriculum includes specific applications at each student's level.


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