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Journal of Health Policy and Management

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Effectiveness of auriculotherapy as a nursing intervention to improve wellness in alcohol-addicted young adults

Author(s): Mercedes Velasco Santana, Leticia Casique Casique, Teresita de Jesús Muñoz-Torres, Alicia Aguirre Álvarez

Introduction: In Mexico, addictions present major challenges for the new millennium, as the country faces one of endemic problems, more widespread and alarming in recent decades: the abuse of alcohol. Objective: Check the effectiveness of auriculotherapy as a nursing intervention to improve general wellness in alcohol-addicted young adults. Methodology: Quantitative, correlational and applied study with pre-experimental, longitudinal; realized from January 2009 to August 2010 in a neighborhood of Tepic, Nayarit with n= 40. Research tools are the following:"Lecc.ves - A", "The Well -Being Picture Scale" (? = 0.891), "Lesson-ves 1" (? = 0.86) and "Lesson-ves 2" (? = 0.80). A nursing care program based on auriculotherapy was designed and implemented, including group dynamics, educational and intervention sessions. The SPSS Statistics 17 was used, using relative and cumulative frequencies, mean and standard deviation (SD), and for hypothesis testing, the paired t-test (IC 95%; p<0.05). Results: Data reported an increase of 14.4 points in the personal well-being, 6.57 of family well-being and 6.35 in social well-being, after the intervention with p=0.01. Conclusion: The nursing intervention using auriculotherapy was effective to stimulate the energy channels, allowing the flow and balance of energy, which influenced the increasing levels of general wellness.


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