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Journal of Nursing Research and Practice

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Effectiveness of Structured Teaching Programme (STP) on knowledge regarding renal care (Dialysis) at home among the care givers of renal failure patient

Author(s): Hardik Pandya* and Shalini Raj Kumawat

Chronic Kidney disease defined as Gradual loss of kidney function. Dialysis
functions as supplement of kidney function for normal resume of activity of
daily living. According to WHO, global burden of disease 2015 showed that
1.2 million people died from Kidney failure, an increase of 32% since 2005.
IN 2010, around 2.3-7.1 million people with end stage kidney disease died
without access to chronic dialysis. Need for dialysis is increasing day by day as
shows that 2.62 million people received worldwide in 2010 and may be double
by 2030. Important risk factor of Kidney diseases are diarrhoeal disease, HIV/
AIDS, low birth weight, malaria, preterm birth. In India, 29% patients died
and 13% discontinued dialysis within 12 months. Kidney disease put heavy
burden on patients and lead an out of pocket expenditure: 87.1% of patient

spending 100% of their monthly income on dialysis in public hospitals 


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