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Journal of Pediatric Health Care and Medicine

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Euro Pediatrics 2020: Successful 30 years follow up after surgery for dystopic lingual goiter in 2 adolescents

Author(s): Romanchishen Anatoly F., Vabalayte Kristina, Karpatsky Igor V.

During embryonic development thyroid tissue gradually falls down fromtongue root to the typical thyroid gland’s place. Lingual Goiter emerge in 1 patients of 100.000 population and in 1 (0.03%) of 3000 Thyroid Diseases patient. We observed 8 (0.025%) lingual goiter (LG) of 32022 thyroid diseases patient (1973 - 2019) and 3 of them were operated on. As a result of thyroid tissue (TT) omitting LG, supra – praehyoid - behind and infrahyoid goiterof thyroid remnants along of thyroglossal duct could appeared with (ectopia) or without (dystopia) presence TT in typical place.Indications for Surgical treatment of a LG patients: relapse or profuse bleeding,aggressive groves of LG with dyspneaand dysphagia; suspicions of malignancy, thyrotoxic LG


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