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Journal of Health Policy and Management

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Evaluation of healthcare management from a patient’s perspective using factor analysis of primary data

Author(s): Stefanos Sampatakakis

Healthcare is an industry known for the emergence of unique elements and issues, hence rendering its management a continuously challenging role of growing importance. Amongst many others, there are two major stakeholder perspectives of interest on the matter: the healthcare organization’s one and the patient’s one. The present paper concentrates its focus on the perspective acquired by the patient as a customer. In terms with this context, an anonymous questionnaire was developed and distributed, where participants provided quantified information regarding their patient experience, the satisfaction this service generated, followed by the evaluation of any potential indications regarding the development of managerial competencies within the healthcare organization. The results were statistically processed; descriptive statistics and factor analysis were employed. The outcome of the process was the identification of three major components-clustering of named factors-directly affecting the evaluation of the management of a healthcare facility from the patient’s perspective.


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