Journal of Modern and Applied Physics

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Experimental study on creation of ultrashort pulses using self-phase modulation in hollow-core fiber

Author(s): Walid Tawfik*

Femtosecond laser pulses have high impact on the state-of-the-art modern developed technologies and its applications. Generation of high power femtosecond pulses with short pulse durations with a stable profile represent a challenge due to many experimental difficulties. In this work, a table top source of ultrashort laser pulses high energy femtosecond laser system is demonstrated. After optimization, the pulse duration of the observed ultrafast pulses of 5 femtosecond has been achieved. This was accomplished due to the nonlinear propagation of compressed femtosecond pulses into a hollow filled optical fiber with neon gas and initiation of self-phase modulation. By tuning the neon pressure, the overall peak power of the output pulses reached 100 GW. This was achieved with the extreme-temporal compression via a pair of chirped mirrors. The experimentally observed results may give a chance to create ultrafast pulses with shorter wavelength in the X-UV range.

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