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Journal of Nursing Research and Practice

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Exploring the habits followed among adolescents and their families toward treatment for delayed menstrual cycle at puberty

Author(s): Howieda Fouly*, Safaa Helmi and Nora Zaki

Background: Adolescence is a time of enormous physical and psychological change for young females. Menstrual disturbances are not uncommon and may add further disruption to this difficult phase, so this is an opportunity for clinicians to advise the adolescent on abnormal conditions related to delayed menstrual cycle and its treatment.

Aim: To explore the habits followed among adolescents and families toward treatment for delayed menstrual cycle at puberty.

Methods: This is a cross sectional/ Quasi-experimental. The recruited 200 adolescent girls from two different localities: urban and rural preparatory schools in Asyut city, Egypt.

Statistical analysis: The data were tested for normality using the Anderson- Darling test and for homogeneity variances prior to further statistical analysis.

Results: Comparison between parents’ habits based on locality revealed a statistical significant difference. Knowledge about causes of delayed menstruation among urban adolescent students revealed a statistically significant difference.

Conclusion: This study highlights an important theme of habits and knowledge about amenorrhea among adolescents and their parents.

Clinical implications: Further research should be done to figure out the relationship between knowledge and habits related to puberty abnormalities and its management. Moreover, to provide students in the preparatory phase with a simple guidance program.

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