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Journal of Modern and Applied Physics

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Extraction of a vacuum energy conforming to Emmy Noether's theorem

Author(s): Patrick Sangouard*

This theoretical work corresponds to the hope of extracting, without contradicting the laws of thermodynamics or Emmy Noether's theorem, an energy present throughout the universe: that of the spatial quantum vacuum!

This article shows that - theoretically - it should be possible to maintain continuous periodic vibration of a piezoelectric structure. These vibrations generate current peaks for a fraction of the period. They are obtained by controlling automatically and at appropriate instants the action of an attractive Casimir force by a repulsive and ephemeral Coulomb force applied to return electrodes.

The attractive Casimir force appears between the two electrodes of a reflector and deforms a piezoelectric bridge embedded in its two extremities. The internal electric field created by the deformation of the piezoelectric bridge, attracts -from the mass- opposing moving charges. The systematic homogenization of the electric charges of one of the faces of the piezoelectric bridge with a Coulomb return electrode, creates a current peak and a Coulomb force opposite, ephemeral and greater than the Casimir force.

This Coulomb force cancels at least the action of the Casimir force and contributes to the disappearance of the deformation of the piezoelectric bridge. The device then returns to its initial position without electrical charges by using the deformation energy created by the Casimir force and stored in the piezoelectric bridge. The Coulomb force then disappears and the Casimir force deforms the bridge again.

During the homogenization of the electrical charges, a current peak I passing through an inductance induces a voltage peak U. These power peaks I. U are transformed – thanks to electronics without electrical power supply - into a continuous and usable voltage.

Casimir and Coulomb forces, vibrations, current or voltage peaks appear spontaneously and without any external energy input. The system vibrates because Casimir energy due to quantum vacuum fluctuations is constantly present.

To manufacture these different structures, an original micro technology is proposed. It should make it possible to produce the electronics and to control the very weak interfaces between the Casimir electrodes or the Coulomb return electrodes!

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