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Current Research: Cardiology

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Fragmented QRS and other depolarization abnormalities in Nigerians with heart failure: Prevalence and clinical correlates

Author(s): Adeseye A Akintunde*

Background: Fragmented QRS (fQRS), QT prolongation and wide QRS have been associated with increased risk for cardiac arrhythmias. Objectives : To describe the prevalence and correlates among Nigerians with heart failure.

Methods: A total of 129 subjects were consecutively recruited for the present study. QT interval, QRS duration and fQRS were determined. SPSS version 16 was used for analysis.

Results: The mean (± SD) age was 62.1±13.7 years (43.4% female). Mean QT, QTc and QRS durations were 390.4±56.2 ms, 451.3±62.7 ms and 99.5±23.9 ms, respectively. fQRS, QTc prolongation and wide QRS occurred in 41.1%, 44.2% and 41.9%, respectively, of study participants. fQRS appeared to be more likely associated with prolonged QTc, increased heart rate, presence of old myocardial infarction and wide QRS duration among study participants.

Conclusion: fQRS, QTc prolongation and wide QRS are frequent among Nigerians with heart failure. Appropriate screening for heart failure is suggested for early intervention.

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