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  • Original Article   
    Fragmented QRS and other depolarization abnormalities in Nigerians with heart failure: Prevalence and clinical correlates
    Author(s): Adeseye A Akintunde*

    Background: Fragmented QRS (fQRS), QT prolongation and wide QRS have been associated with increased risk for cardiac arrhythmias. Objectives : To describe the prevalence and correlates among Nigerians with heart failure. Methods: A total of 129 subjects were consecutively recruited for the present study. QT interval, QRS duration and fQRS were determined. SPSS version 16 was used for analysis. Results: The mean (± SD) age was 62.1±13.7 years (43.4% female). Mean QT, QTc and QRS durations were 390.4±56.2 ms, 451.3±62.7 ms and 99.5±23.9 ms, respectively. fQRS, QTc prolongation and wide QRS occurred in 41.1%, 44.2% and 41.9%, respectively, of study participants. fQRS appeared to be more likely associated with prolonged QTc, increased heart rate, presence of old myocardial infarction and wide QRS duration among study participants. .. Read More»
    DOI: 10.4172/2368-0512.1000040