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Nanotechnology Letters

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Graphdiyne-Based Electrochemical Interface for High-Performance Lithium Batteries

Author(s): Zicheng Zuo

 Recently, 2D graphdiyne has shown many unique advantages for improving the performance of the electrochemical devices. The synthesis method of high-quality graphdiyne nanosheets is developed. Based on this method, all-carbon graphdine nanosheets can be used to protect the silicon nanoparticles and the metal oxides seamlessly, which are two typical lithium-ion battery anode. A 3D all-carbon mechanical and conductive networks with reasonable voids for the silicon and metal oxides can be constructed in situ. This method can effectively restrained their interfacial problems, which is induced by the disintegrations in the mechanical and conductive networks during the repeated volume variations. The as-prepared electrode shows impressive improvements regarding to the capacity and performance retention. Furthermore, this method shows great promises in solving the key problems in other high-energy-density anodes.

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