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Journal of Neurology and Clinical Neuroscience

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Healthy weight unhealthy mind: The dangers and stigma facing those with atypical anorexia and OSFED

Author(s): Zoe Burnett

In a world where dieting and losing weight is constantly exhausting us, how do we know when a diet has gone to far? I would like to bring to everyone’s attention the eating disorder mistaken for a healthy lifestyle. Atypical anorexia and OSFED. I was indeed a healthy weight; however I was far from healthy, physically and mentally. My mental health was in complete shatters, emotionally avoiding any given situation that may involve negative emotions. Depressed and no self-esteem, truly believing I was the enemy. Abusing laxatives, eating the bare minimum, weighing out all my food to work out calories consumed, I had a serious exercise addiction and would not be able to resist weighing myself on multiple occasions throughout the day. Yet I was constantly praised for the behaviours that were indeed killing me. In a war with my own mind, convinced if I was slimmer, smaller if I shrunk myself I would be treated better instead of the years of torment and abuse I had already encountered. Once realizing I had a problem and trying to seek help, I was turned away on numerous occasions because my weight was not low enough. I was too fat for an eating disorder, too fat for anorexia, but not too fat to be told i had a few months left to live. Even though my weight was indeed healthy, my heart had actually shrunk, I had a short time to turn this around and I was finally allowed to access treatment. However throughout my recovery journey, I have been met with such stigma from health care professionals. Constantly dismissed saying I could not possibly have an eating disorder, constantly reminded I was just dieting and my behaviors were normal. I nearly lost my life due to weight stigma, this needs to change, we can do better.

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