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International Journal of Anatomical Variations

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High up division of brachial artery into laterally placed ulnar artery and medially placed radial artery

Author(s): Banani Mitra*, Anirban Sadhu, Rudradev Meyur and Satabdi Sarkar

The objective of the present study was to document high up division of brachial artery into radial and ulnar arteries in the middle of the arm, of which ulnar artery lied laterally and radial artery lied medially. The finding was noted during routine dissection of upper limbs of both sides in the department of Anatomy, R. G. Kar Medical College. This variant was noted only in right arm, left arm showed usual arterial distribution pattern. This was the result of unusual developmental condition. Information regarding the variation was important for vascular surgery and angiography.

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