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Clinical Pharmacology and Toxicology Research

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How safe are glycerin and polyglycerin-10 as key ingredients in personal care products

Author(s): Pierre A. Guertin*

Glycerin and some of its related compounds such as polyglycerin-10 are used by the industry in the making of so called eco-friendly and safe personal care products. They are humectants found naturally in lipids (e.g., vegetal origin) that can be used as emulsifiers in moisturizers and antiaging products. They are found also in food products (e.g., as sweeteners), electronic cigarettes, antifreeze liquids, suppositories, and hair gels. They have been reported to lack carcinogenic and genotoxic effects. Although generally considered by some authorities as safe, preliminary evidence of allergenicity has been reported. The health consequences of polyglycerin-10 applied topically over long periods of time in humans (children, adults and elderly) has not been clearly studied.

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