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Journal of Environmental Chemistry and Toxicology

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Impacts of Pesticides in Human Life

Author(s): Steve Berelson

Pesticides dangers are well-documented, but their advantages are frequently overlooked in the literature and the media. The authors performed a recent quick survey of pesticide-related papers in the published literature and discovered a ratio of almost 40 unfavourable articles for every one that took a more positive stance. Many people blame pesticide exposure for health or environmental concerns, especially pesticides with high mammalian toxicity or those that remain in the environment. These dangers should not be overlooked, and efforts should be taken to reduce them by strict regulation and user training, but we must also consider the benefits of pesticide usage. Pesticides are more likely to be justified when applied logically and carefully in conjunction with other technologies in integrated pest control systems. It's possible that the lack of stories showcasing the advantages of pesticides is due to the fact that when a product performs precisely what the producer claims, it's not considered 'newsworthy.' We don't hear much about gloss paint's benefits, but it's still a wonderful method to preserve exterior woodwork. It sometimes takes an accident or proof of injury to get the public's attention, and the same may be said for scientific writing.

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