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Journal of Materials Engineering and Applications

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Iron middle safeguard and the lorica segmentata

Author(s): Sohia Ryder

The most punctual proof of mail is portrayed on Greek model and friezes dating from the third century BCE, however this sort of assurance may be extensively more seasoned (there is some proof that it very well may be of Celtic beginning). Little else is thought about the utilization of mail by the Greeks, yet the Roman legionnaire was outfitted with a lorica hamata, a mail shirt, from an early date. Mail was amazingly adaptable and given great insurance against cutting and puncturing weapons. Its principle inconvenience was its weight, which would in general dangle from the shoulders and abdomen. Furthermore, pieces of mail would in general twist at the edges; the Romans tackled this issue by binding mail shoulder guards to calfskin plates. In the first century CE the legionnaire's mail shirt gave way to a divided iron middle safeguard, the lorica segmentata.

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