Journal of Phlebology and Lymphology

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IV Latin American consensus on the treatment of lymphedema

Author(s): Jose Maria Pereira de Godoy, Mauro Andrade, Walter Ferreira Azevedo Jr., Raul Angel Beltramino, Eugenio Oscar Brizzio, Anacleto Carvalho, Jose Luis Cataldo, Jose Luis Ciucci, Henrique Jorge Guedes Neto, Claudia Stein Gomes, Solange Gomes, Maria de Fatima Guerreiro Godoy, Luis Daniel Marcovecchio, Delia E. Menaflor, Alejando Latorre Parra, Lucia Wachawicz, Maria Bernadete Bottene, Anke Bergmann, Eliana Srur, Angel Esteban Guzmán, Tarso Túlio Nogueira, Roberto Simkin, Alfredo Jácomo, Ana Paula Rodrigues, Andréia Paula Kafejian- Haddad, Antonio Carlos D. Mayal, Delia Charles Edourard Otrante, Esther C. Aizic, Esther Azoubel, Maria Del Carmen J. Perez, Maria Estela Mancebo Vaz Martins, Walquiria C. Hueb, Aline Rodrigues, Melissa Morães, Monica Mayal, Carmem Nogueira, Daniela Mina Fukasawa, Eneida Couto de Mello, Cristina Hachul Moreno, Luis Gustavo S. Guedes, Anderson Gariglio

In Latin America every three years for the last 12 years a group of professionals have been meeting to establish and arrive at a consensus on how to manage lymphedema. In 2011 the meeting took place in São Paulo, and brought together about 40 lymphologists, physiotherapists, occupational therapists and plastic surgeons. Several topics were identified as priorities by establishing the degree of consensus.