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International Journal of Anatomical Variations

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Liver Variant: A Report on Diaphragmatic Slips and Hepatic Sulci

Author(s): Shamir O. Cawich1*, Michael T. Gardner2, Dexter A. Thomas1, Rahul Deshpande3, Fawwaz Mohammed1, Goffredo Arena4

Background: Hepatic sulci are morphologic anomalies appearing as prominent depressions on the diaphragmatic surface of the liver. Although there are many theories to explain their origin in humans, it remains debated in medical literature. Case Report: We report on the case of a 60 year-old woman diagnosed with pancreatic head adenocarcinoma on CT scans. This patient had wellpronounced diaphragmatic slips associated with deep hepatic sulci. We had the opportunity to correlate the radiologic and operative findings in this patient. The radiologic findings were readily confirmed. Conclusion: The findings in this case report lend some support to the diaphragmatic-slip theory for hepatic surface groove formation. We acknowledge that thiscorrelation in a single patient is weak evidence in support of the diaphragmatic-slip theory. Larger clinical studies are required to confirm this relationship in living persons.


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