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Journal of Health Policy and Management

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Manifestations of Love of the Young Adult to Mistreat Your Partner

Author(s): Leticia Casique Casique* and Arely Hernández Rodríguez

Introduction: Violence is a public health problem that affects a large part of the female population in our country, since it has great consequences that affect some aspects of women, such as their emotional, physical and social status, however this violence It is normally exercised by your partner in which you justify it with love. It is worth mentioning that this work was carried out with young adult men who exercised some kind of violence with their partner. The present investigation had the purpose of knowing and understanding how the manifestations of love of the violent young people are, in addition the behavior of the young adult male in the society was identified, and to be support to the nursing staff so that the correspondinginterventions can be developed.

Purpose: To understand how the manifestations of love of the young adult are in violating their partner.

Materials and methods: The study was qualitative, analytical, discourse analysis was performed and the Theory Based on the Data was applied. The sampling was of an intentional type, the participating subjects were young adult males who violated their partner and met the inclusion criteria. Validly informed consent was obtained prior to the participation of young adults.

Results: 33.33% with 25 years and 40% 35 years. In marital status, 60% were registered who are married; their schooling of the interviewees was 26.66% with secondary school and at the bachelor's or engineering level. 100% professed a Catholic religion; 60% live with their partner and 20% alone. In terms of the number of couples who have had 20%, they have had five couples; 66.66% had an employee occupation and 26.66% were professionals. In the drinks accustomed to drinking in meetings or parties, 93.33% drink beer, 80% tequila, 33.33% brandi, cover 55.55% and the crazy waters 60%; in the drugs that they normally used are 80% tobacco, 13.33% marijuana, 6.66% cocaine and crystal.

Conclusions: It is important to prevent violence in both genders since man must understand and understand the reasons for the appearance of violence in love relationships, and therefore intervene in order to prevent it.

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