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Minisrew-assisted management midline deviation caused by impacted canine and replacement of 2 mandibular first molars by protraction of second molars and impacted third molars in Class II malocclusion

Author(s): Jie Chen, Ping Ji* and Xiaomian Wu*

Impacted molar is the most common impacted teeth followed by impacted canine. In this case with the assistance of minisrews, a 20-year-old college student, who had maxillary left impacted canine and mandibular impacted third molars, damaged mandibular first molars with residual roots and maxillary midline deviated to the left, was successfully treated by extraction of 2 maxillary first premolars and replacement the mandibular first molars by protraction of mandibular second molars. Posttreatment, the patient accepted the result and her personality became sparky and talkable.

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