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Journal of Microbiology and Biotechnology Reports

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Molecular Genetic Identification of Some Sweet Sorghum - Sorghum bicolor L. (Ankolib) Accessions - Sudan

Author(s): Asaad Alsiddig Ahmed* and Lina Ahmed Hassaballa

This study is an attempt to identify some Sudanese Sweet Sorghum (Ankolib) [Sorghum bicolor (L.) Moench.] accessions using two types of DNAbased markers: RAPD and SS. Seven (Ankolib) accessions were assayed, namely: Black Ankolib, Black White Ankolib, Dark Red Ankolib, Red Yellow Ankolib, White Ankolib, White Black Ankolib and Bengaga. All of the accessions were uniquely identified and fingerprinted. The levels of polymorphism among the accessions as revealed by 22 RAPD primers and  16 SSR primer pairs were (58%) and (76%) respectively, indicating that SSRs markers were highly polymorphic. The scored data of the two markers were analyzed using the Dice Coefficient to assess genetic relationships among the 7 (Ankolib) accessions. The results of the statistical analysis revealed that the accession Bengaga was distantly related to the other 6 accessions which all showed a close genetic similarity among them. UPGMA cluster analysis generated a dendrogram for each marker alone and for the combined data of the two markers. It was observed that in all of the dendrogram the accession Bengaga was found in a unique cluster thus indicating its uniqueness, since it is the only accession that has seeds that produce flour besides its juicy sweet stem. 

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