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Journal of Child Psychology

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Motivational anomalies in ADHD: Results from a clinical study in children and adolescents

Author(s): Jan Frölich*, Helmut Orawa, Michael Bromba and Jule Frölich

OBJECTIVE: We assessed motivational anomalies in patients with ADHD regarding the dimensions of achievement motivation. METHODS: 145 students participated in the study (10 to 19 years). ADHD symptoms were assessed by parental and self-ratings using an ADHD Symptom Checklist. Achievement motivation was measured by school class-adapted versions of a standardized self-rating scale. RESULTS: For the motivational dimension tenacity and diligence in the group of younger children significant deviation from mean norm values were detected but lower deviations of achievement motivation from the mean norm value in adolescent students. Moreover, negative correlations between the extent of the core symptoms of ADHD and achievement motivation were found. CONCLUSION: We observed a nearly moderate negative correlation between the extent of the core symptoms of ADHD and specific motivational anomalies in ADHD patients with an improvement ofperformance impairing motivational dimensions in adolescents.

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