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International Journal of Anatomical Variations

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Multiple Arterial, Neural and Muscular Variations in the Root of the Neck, Axilla and Arm of Single Cadaver

Author(s): Chernet Bahru Tessema*

During the dissection of the root of the neck, axillae and upper limbs of a 77-year-old female cadaver multiple vascular, neural and muscular variations were detected. These variations included the internal thoracic artery in the left root of the neck, and the thoracoacromial artery, lateral thoracic artery and subscapular artery in the right axilla and the brachial artery in the right arm. Variations in the origin of the subscapular nerves in the right axilla, communicating branches between musculocutaneous and median nerves and a three headed biceps brachii muscle are the other variant findings in the right arm.

These findings demonstrate the concept that no two parts of the same individual are anatomically exactly alike. Therefore, serious attention should be paid to such major variations during dissection for a better anatomy teaching and during clinical procedures to avoid unintended damage and injury of variant structures for a positive clinical outcome.

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