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International Journal of Anatomical Variations

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Multiple bilateral anatomical variations of the tendons of the forearm and wrist: a case report based on a cadaver study

Author(s): Karl Jscobs*, Roelof Jan Oostra, Raoul Engelbert and Petra Habets

Anatomic variations of the tendons of the forearm and wrist are frequently encountered during routine cadaver dissection, radiological examination and surgical interventions. A wide array of these muscular and tendinous variations of the forearm and wrist has been described in the anatomic, radiological and surgical literature. During a routine cadaver dissection, we came across multiple anatomical variations in the left and right upper limb of a male cadaver including: an unusual variation of the origin of the abductor pollicis longus muscle; a supernumerary extensor muscle and tendon to the thumb (m. extensor pollicis tertius); and a quadruple tendon variant of the m. extensor digiti minimi. We describe these variations, their possible embryonic origin and their clinical and didactic relevance.

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