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Journal of Child Psychology

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My worry and your approach: A study exploring key areas of worry in children and their expression through drawings amid COVID-19 outbreak in March 2020

Author(s): Renu Bhandar

Areas of worry at the outbreak of COVID-19 were explored in a two-phased study spanning for 9 weeks. A mixed sample of boys and girls of 47 UK resident children of different ethnicities in two age groups 8-11 years (n=21, boys n=10; girls n=11) and 12-16 years (n=26, boys n=14; girls n=12) were recruited. The content and color of drawings made on COVID-19 by children was also analyzed. Significant gender and age differences were observed after means, percentages and t test analysis on areas of worry and depiction in the drawings. Identify, differentiate, SODE/SUDI, creative arts and feedback (IDSCF), proposing solutions (SO) and detail (DE) and support (SU) and discussion (DI) with children is proposed for COVID-19 and worries.

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