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Journal of Materials Engineering and Applications

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Nanotechnology based wearable and disposable sensor platforms as diagnostic tools

Author(s): Rupesh Kumar Mishra

Nanotechnology has emerged as a novel tool for varied applications. Nanomaterial basedsensor platform offersnovelresolutions in chemical, physicalandbio-related detection which empowers the detection range, selectivity, sensitivity and multiplex sensing proficiencies in wearable and disposable devices for extensive assortment of biomedical, environmental, food and security applications [1]. The growing problem of diseases such as cancer, dementia etc. and security and food adulteration require better-quality sensors to screen early-stage disease and inform disease management. Similarly, sensors are needed to assure the safety and security of common population. Several novel nanotechnological based sensor devices have already verified for fast response and increased sensitivity at miniaturized level. However, translation of such devices to the marketable level is delayed by interrogations about consistency, repeatability and robustness. Wearable sensor has emerged as a novel diagnostic tool to assess individual’s physio-chemical parameters and reveal about individual’s fitness. We have developed and demonstrated various biosensors using wearable sensor platforms such as microneedles, gloves, tattoos, textilesfor nerve agents, opioid, alcohol, cancer biomarkers and vitamins detection in body fluids.

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