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Journal of Nursing Research and Practice

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Nursing ethics and moral courage in nursing practice

Author(s): Felicia Hunt*

Introduction: The purpose of the paper is to evaluate the relationship of the Nursing Code of Ethics in nursing practice and how they affect relationships among healthcare professionals, patients and their loved ones. Also, we will evaluate the importance of utilizing the Code of Ethics and the basic ethical principles and how they are used to solve problems while bridging the gaps in healthcare and recognizing the countless healthcare disparities nationwide. Also, we will analyze how moral courage is a tool utilized by nursing staff to promote optimal quality healthcare.

Problem: There is a lack of knowledge amongst many nursing health care professionals regarding consistent and precise utilization of the Nursing Code of Ethics and the basic ethical principles which creates gaps in healthcare which also involves health care disparities. Also, there is lack of understanding of the true definition of moral courage and its vital purpose in nursing practice to promote optimal healthcare. According to the American Nurses Association, The Code of Ethics for Nurses with Interpretive Statements or” The Code”, is the social contract that nurses have in the U.S. public. It exemplifies our professions’ promise and commitment to provide and advocate for safe, quality care for all patients and communities. It binds nurses to support each other so that all nurses can full-fill their ethical and professional obligations (Ethics and Human Rights-American Association of Nurses, www.

Method: In this article, we will evaluate and explore the relationship of moral courage and the nursing Code of Ethics, and how they must be utilized by nurses as an integral part of solving the most challenging ethical dilemmas in nursing practice. Moral courage is the pinnacle of ethical behavior which requires a consistent commitment to fundamental ethical principles despite potential risk, such as threats to reputation, shame, emotional anxiety, and isolation from colleagues, retaliation and loss of employment. Moral courage is recognized when an individual who, when uncover an ethical dilemma, explore a course of action based on their ethical values, and follow through with a decision as to the right course of action regardless of possible consequences might present. We will explore peer reviewed nursing journal articles which includes accurate randomized control trials for qualitative and quantitative evidence.

Discussion: We will analyze and outline the ethical principles of nursing practice. We will also analyze and outline the major attributes and true definition of moral courage.

Conclusion: We will conclude strategies which are necessary to promote optimal quality healthcare in all rural communities nationwide. We will also summarize the major key points that will be helpful in bridging the gaps in healthcare which will also decrease the burden of major healthcare disparities in rural communities.

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