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Journal of Materials Engineering and Applications

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On the Evaluation of Direct Laser Deposition of SS304L-SiC Composite:Layer Formation and Microstructure

Author(s): Hassan A Sabour, Mohammed A, Taha, Khaled Abdelghany, Ahmed F. Youssef

Direct Laser Deposition (DLD) is defined as “an AdditiveManufacturing process in which the laser energy is used to fuse powdermaterial and deposit it on the substrate surface. It has different synonyms:Direct Light Fabrication, Direct Energy Deposition, Laser Rapid Forming,Direct Laser Fabrication, and Laser Solid Forming [1]. Besides producingand repairing 3D metal parts applications, the recent interest of researchersof DLD is the strengthening of raw material by adding hard ceramicparticles powder.

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