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Journal of Molecular Cancer

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Outcome of audit on delays in patients arrival at daycare oncology unit of tertiary care hospital in Karachi, Pakistan

Author(s): Feroz A, BSCN, Aziz A, MBBS, Khurshid M, FRCP, Masood W, MBBS and Shaheen Z, MBBS

Aim: There were delays found in patient’s arrival at daycare oncology unit, for which it was decided to conduct an audit. The purpose of this audit was to identify the reason of delays, so that we can reduce patients’ waiting time and improve daycare services. Material and method: There were four processes which were taken as check points that included booking time, token time, admission time and arrival time of the patient to the daycare unit. Data was collected from 15th Oct 2018 till 19th Oct 2018. Institutional benchmark was taken for the comparison in order to review the results. Sample size was 100 patients. Results: Total number of 100 patients were audited, out of 100 patients 47 patients arrived late in the hospital which showed the compliance rate of only 53%. Conclusion: Almost 50% of the patients did not reach on time for their procedure due to which beds remained vacant till 1100 hrs which resulted in increased in waiting time for other patients especially who will be adjusted in second shift.


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