Journal of Phlebology and Lymphology

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Papain Associated with Urea in the Debridement of Necrotic Wounds

Author(s): Solange Silveira, Tânia Dias Guimarães

Papain allows the effective removal of necrotic tissue in wounds by a type of enzymatic debridement. The objective of this work was to emphasize the effectiveness of the association of papain with urea in necrotic lesions. The case of a 56‐year‐old patient is reported with an ulcerated lesion in the internal malleolar region of the left lower limb. The necrotic tissue was made enzymatic debridement using papain and urea and vitamin E supplement twice daily. By the fourth day the debridement was complete and was changed to a bandage with carboxymethylcellulose associated with pectin once daily. The association of papain with urea at 10% concentration proved to be efficient in the enzymatic debridement of a wound of the lower limb. This is another option of removing necrotic tissue when a selective process is desired.