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Journal of Nursing Research and Practice

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Patients perceptions of nursing care quality

Author(s): Henry Johnson*

Customarily, patients have been viewed as unequipped for assessing the nature of care they get, prompting their insignificant association. Created from subjective meetings with patients, the first 90-thing PAQS-ACV was tried with 1,470 clinical careful patients in 43 units across seven medical clinics. The ordinary patient was a hitched, 50-year-old, secondary school-taught patient hospitalized for the fourth time. Each tenth patient was approached to finish the PAQS-ACV fourteen days after the fact. Albeit the PAQS-ACV is a moderately new proportion of value nursing care, it has met numerous models for a sufficient proportion of value care. The instrument makes up for a shortcoming in the appraisal of value by remembering patients for the immediate assessment of the consideration.

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