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Journal of Drugs and Ecotoxicology

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Pharmacological effects of leucine-associated phosphatidic acid consumption on the rapamycin synthesis

Author(s): Lucas Eduardo Campos de Oliveira, BSc and Luiz Augusto da Silva, PhD*

Based on the numerous studies cited and their evidences, the present study comes with the idea of combining both leucine and phosphatidic acid exogenously (supplementary), since the studies cited analyzed the compounds separately and obtained positive results as for its efficiency to increase protein synthesis, and consequently of strength, lean mass, skeletal muscle increase and insulin sensitivity. The objective of the study was to verify the activation of mTOR in animal model due to the supplementation of Leucine and phosphatidic acid. Based on the assumption that both components supplied as food supplements increase their intracellular amounts, the combination of both could potentiate the results of weight training even more, thus providing better health outcomes for practitioners and improvements, enhancing the production of proteins.

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