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Journal of Nursing Research and Practice

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Health status in India: A study of urban slum and non-slum population

Author(s): Gulnawaz Usmani* and Nighat Ahmad

India has the second largest urban population in the world. Among the urban poor population only 40 per cent of under 3-year children were completely immunized in 2004-05, 54 per cent of under five years were stunted. Thus, this paper seeks to examine the large disparities within the urban population in health-related indicators for India and for some of its selected states. It shows the disparities for child and maternal health. The paper also shows the poor performance in some health-related indicators in slum and non-slum population- for instance under-five mortality rate. The increasing population in urban India and the poor health condition of slum and non-slum population makes the present study more relevant and useful for further research.

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