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Journal of Modern and Applied Physics

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Physics in the vicinity of SAGITTARIUS A, gauss curvature values of spacetime in its vicinity

Author(s): Fernando Salmon Iza*

We are working on concrete applications of the relativistic Schwarzschild model to the cosmos. As first results of this work we present some values of space-time curvature in the vicinity of SAGITTARIUS A*. The relativistic Schwarzschild model solves Einstein's equations exactly assuming a point gravitational mass and empty space in its vicinity. This model leads to a static and symmetric solution to the mathematical equation of space-time that allows its Gaussian curvature to be calculated at each point. We have calculated some curvature values and found an equation to calculate them that allows us to extend the results to a wider range of distances. Finally, we have applied these results to the real case of the supermassive black hole of our galaxy SAGITTARIUS A*, obtaining values of Gaussian curvature of the space-time in its vicinity, valid if the Schwarzschild model is applicable.

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