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Journal of Environmental Chemistry and Toxicology

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Produced water from oil - A review of the main treatment technologies

Author(s): Thyara CM Nonato*, Alcione A De A Alves, Mauricio L Sens and Ramon Lucas Dalsasso

With the increasing demand for oil and its derivatives, the increasing production of oily water and its treatment has been a challenge due to the complexity and amount of waste generated, because this undesirable effluent requires treatment before its final disposal in order to meet the legal requirements for disposal in the environment or technical requirements for injection into oil wells. Thus, research for the best technology or set of technologies for the treatment of oil produced water are highlighted with a view not only for more efficient removal and recovery of oils and other toxic agents, but also financial viability along these technologies. In this sense, the purpose of this article is to present some of the main technologies used for the treatment of produced water from oil.

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