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Neurodevelopmental Disorders and Treatment

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Promulgate Your Proficiency in Scope of Neurodevelopmental Disorders and Treatment

Author(s): Joseph Smith

It is of immense delectation to share with our readers/authors/editors/reviewers that Journal of Neurodevelopmental Disorders and Treatment is disseminating current updates worldwide through the journal platform. Currently, we are on the way to promulgate more updates in the field of neurological disorders, Cognitive Neuroscience, Perceptual and Cognitive Processes, Higher Cognitive Processes, Human Development, Clinical Psychology, Creativity Problem-solving,  Development and abnormal psychology,  Interpersonal neurobiology,  Psychoanalysis and statistics,  Cognitive impairment and critical illness. We would like to acknowledge the contributors of our journal for their time-honoured support and cooperation in bringing and publishing the issues on journal website within time.

With reference to the previous submissions received in the journal, we request the eminent authors to come up with their valuable submissions based on their recent ongoing studies related to computational neuroscience neuropathology, telemedicine, behavioural sciences, educational, health and medical psychology and psychiatry to address the issues and challenges in this realm.

This year the journal team is planning to introduce blogs along with the full length articles. For the same, we request the editors/ reviewers/ authors/ readers to give your valuable suggestions and come forward with the updated facts and information.