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Journal of Pathobiology and Physiology

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PSA, Sperm Midpiece, Relative Organ Weight, Histological Changes in Adult Male Wistar Rats Treated with Tiger Nut Meal

Author(s): Izunwanne, D.I

ABSTRACT: It is generally believed that Cyperus esculentus (tiger nut) has some fertility boosting effects. However, scientific validation of some the fertility boosting belief concerning tiger nut is lacking. Therefore, the aim of the project was to study the effects of tiger nuts on PSA, Sperm midpiece, relative organ weight and histological changes in reproductive function of the rat. BPH was induced in the test groups (groups 2, 3 and 4) of rats weighing between 160 - 200g with 30mg/kg sub-cutaneous injections of hormones containing dihydrotestosterone (DHT) and estradiol valerate dissolved in olive oil in the ratio of 10:1 (three times in a week). Semen morphological studies was done. Internal organs notably, the prostate and the testes of the rats were removed for histological examination. Results showed that the induction of BPH brought about some adverse effects. On prostate specific antigen (PSA), the administration of the tiger nut meal showed positive trend in the amelioration of benign prostate hyperplasia by significantly reducing the increased level of the PSA which is biomarker for prostate hyperplasia


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