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Surgery: Case Report

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Pseudo-tumoral gluteal mass of tuberculous origin: A report of a case and its literature review

Author(s): Aziz Slaoui*, Amine Slaoui, Souhail Regragui, Youssef Kerroum, Abdelatif Benchekroun, Abdellatiff Koutani, Ahmed Ibn Attya, Aziz Baydada and Aicha Kharbach

Background: Tuberculosis has excited for millennia and remains a major global health problem. Soft tissue tuberculosis is one of the rare forms of extrapulmonary tuberculosis, and isolated muscular localization is uncommon.

Case Presentation: We report the extremely rare case of a 56-year-old patient without any medical history who presented a pseudo-tumoral gluteal mass of tuberculous origin without other localizations of the disease. He underwent a one-piece excision of the mass measuring 18 cm. Histopathological examination was in favor of a remodeled tuberculoma and the diagnosis was confirmed with polymerase chain reaction (PCR) examination and the positive result of the quantiferon test. The patient completed his antituberculous therapy successfully and the 3-year follow-up revealed no recurrence or complications.

Conclusion: Although isolated muscle tuberculosis is a rare entity, it must always be taken into consideration as a differential diagnosis for isolated muscle swelling, especially in a country with a high TB endemic. The diagnosis is mainly bacteriological and/or pathological. Treatment uses anti-bacillary chemotherapy alone or in combination with surgery. The prognosis is often favorable when the management is early.

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