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Journal of Drugs and Ecotoxicology

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Rare oral soft tissue metastasis

Author(s): Cinzia Casu and Maria Giulia Nosotti

 Metastasis to the oral cavity is a rare event and constitutes 1% of all oral cavity malignancies. We would like to report the cases in the literature of rare oral soft tissue metastasis. We reported oral metastasis on the cheeks, on the lips, on the floor of the mouth, on soft palate and on the uvula. We had found only eight cases of oral metastasis on the lips searching on PubMed with the keywords ???oral metastasis in lips???, ???lip metastasis???. The primary malignant tumor that most frequently undergo metastasis at the labial level is certainly the renal tumor with five cases out of eight. In five cases the upper lip was affected, there was one case in which metastasis was present in both lips, and this is a very interesting data because the other malignant diseases are more frequent in the lower lip. We had found in Pubmed literature only seven cases of oral metastasis on the floor of the mouth with the keywords ???oral metastasis in the floor of the mouth???, ???floor of the mouth metastasis???; we found only five cases of oral metastasis on the cheek with keywords ???oral metastasis on the cheek???. Oral lesion of 54 mm of maximum diameter was reported. We have searched cases of metastasis on the soft palate and on the uvula, with the key words ??? oral metastasis on soft palate??? and ???oral metastasis on uvula??? and we have found respectively three and one (from the kidney) results. The malignant tumors that undergo metastasis at the soft palate were renal, bronchial and lung carcinomas. This overview underlines how this oral disease can sometimes be misunderstood, and the importance of regular checks in patients who already have a diagnosis of malignancy..