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Journal of Kidney Treatment and Diagnosis

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Relation between Ischemia and the graft function in decreased donor kidney transplant

Author(s): Juan Flores Rodríguez*, Cindy Salazar-López, María Padilla-Lucio, J Manuel C Martínez-Martínez, Guillermo Flores-Flores, Oscar A Gutiérrez-Ozaeta, Sigifredo Márquez-Hernández, Priscila Martínez-Romo, J Eduardo Vega-Domínguez

The cold ischemia time is the period between the start of perfusion with cold preservation fluids after suspending the circulation, until the beginning of the first vascular anastomosis at implantation. Although cold ischemia has been widely used in the area of transplantation, there is no precise consensus between its relationships with the prognosis of renal transplantation.

Among the risk factors for the development of delayed graft function are multiple factors, however, cold ischemia seems to be one of the most relevant. This suggests that the cold ischemia time should be reduced to decrease the risk of damage to the transplanted organ.



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