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Journal of Nursing Research and Practice

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Retention strategies: Exploring the use of value profiles to retain critical care nurses

Author(s): Majid Al-Maqbali*

Objective: To understand factors associated with critical care nurse turnover and explore potential strategies to improve retention of ICU nurses.

Methods: This exploratory qualitative study conducted interviews with 21 ICU stakeholders (administrators, physicians, and nurses) in Oman.

Results: While 60% of the recommended retention strategies focused on improved flexibility and rewards, suggestions varied depending upon the study participant’s role. Several critical care nurses recommended approaches that differed from the strategies described by administrators and physicians.

Conclusion: A one-size-fits-all, top-down retention strategy does not work well with critical care nurses who have diverse workforce needs. Hospital leaders should recognize how a nurse’s lifecycle position (based on age and experience) may influence his or her value profile. Leaders can empower ICU nurses by using a participatory decision-making process to develop customized retention strategies that align with critical care nurses’ individual value profiles.

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