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Sagittal plane Non structural misalignments of body posture

Author(s): Balraj K

The biological sagittal spinal curvature signifies a classic feature of good body posture in the sagittal plane. The lumbar spine and the cervical are curved anteriorly (lordosis), despite the fact that the thoracic segment is curved posteriorly (kyphosis). The pelvis is inclined anteriorly, and the lower limbs’ junctions remain in a neutral position. Though, there are many deviations from the optimum body alignment.

The utmost common types of non-structural misalignments of body posture in the sagittal plane are as follows: (1) lordotic, (2) kyphotic, (3) flat-back, and (4) sway-back postures. Each one may affect both the skeletal and the muscular system leading to the functional disruption and an increased strain of the supporting structures.