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Anesthesiology Case Reports

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Sciatic nerve block prior to surgery versus post-operative surgeon-installed a peri-neural stump catheter to reduce pain from phantom limbs following a below-knee amputation

Author(s): Nida Fatima*

Up to 80% of patients experience phantom limb discomfort following a significant lower limb amputation. There have been around 60 treatments for phantom limb pain described, however there is still a lack of evidence to support the best course of treatment or prevention. When a significant limb is amputated, nerve structures are directly transected during surgery, creating an anatomical target for treatment. Prior to surgical transection, chemically inhibiting nerve structures could prevent peripheral pain input to the central nervous system, perhaps avoiding the development of phantom limb discomfort. The measurement of gastric content and volume is a new point-of-care procedure. An ultrasound application that can assist in determining the danger of aspiration.

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