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Nanotechnology Letters

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Silver nanoparticles in chemistry

Author(s): Sara Watson*

Nanoparticles are the fundamental building blocks of nanotechnology. Noble metals, such as Ag, Pt, Au, and Pd, are used to make nanoparticles nowadays. Nanoparticles, nanotubes, nanowires, and other nanometer-sized materials are being developed. Nanoparticles with unique capabilities in chemistry, optics, electronics, and magnetics, for example, have sparked a surge in interest in their creation. Topical ointments and lotions co-and lotions containing silver to prevent infection of burns and wounds are the most extensively used and well-known applications of silver nanoparticles. Physical and chemical procedures may also be successful in obtaining pure nanoparticles, but they are expensive and possibly hazardous to the environment.

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